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General Refund Policy for Donors

This Refund Policy applies to all donations for which a tax receipt has been issued. Please consider carefully before kindly donating to University Hospitals Kingston Foundation (UHKF) as refunds will only be issued in case of a valid, verifiable reason and at the sole discretion of UHKF.

If donation has been made in error or there is a discrepancy,  please contact  so that we can make a correction or issue a refund in the manner the payment was made, or otherwise at our discretion.  Any tax receipts issued for donated amounts will be voided and new tax receipts will be issued for the corrected donation amount. Tax receipts for fully refunded amounts will immediately become void and invalid., as per rules set out by Canada Revenue Agency.

A request for a refund for any reason must be made within ten (10) business days from the donation date. Please note that there may be a service charge applied to the amount. 

When applying for a refund or correction, please send the following: (1) a copy of the tax receipt. (2) your name (3) the initial purpose of your donation and amount, and (4) the reason for refund or correction, by email to or by postal mail to UHKF 55 Rideau St, Suite 4, Kingston ON K7K 2Z8.

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